Adding 8x extra static IP addresses to a VSAT connection OR any (Wimax, Adsl, Cable, Fiber)

This was a very exciting but extremely sensitive project, requested by the UNDP office in Libya.

Since is currently the only Telecom operator in Libya offering the provisioning & routing of complimentary IPv4 & IPv6 full network blocks over any existing internet connection (Fiber optics, Vsat, Wimax, Adsl, PSTN, Wifi, and TDMA), so we've received this special request from the UNDP mission in Tripoli to provide them with a solution that will enable them to have 4 usuable public IPv4's in their transparent local network, for their own private applications. 

We can offer any number of IPv4's, from 4-128 IPv4's over your existing internet connection!


After investigation, we have found out that the surfbeam 2 VSAT modem uses a built-in acceleration called Accelenet. to compensate for it's high latency, which gets automatically disabled when using none-TCP protocols, and since we don't use TCP to route our IPv4 blocks, we had to resolve to either (Using a commercial wan accelerator from big brands costing between 7000-13000$ OR designing our own)  See for yourself the cost of a typical : wan/lan optimizers on


Designing our own link accelerator:

In this process, we have decided to create and design our own network accelerator & it's PHP interface, and the results were astonishing, we've gone from 6mb/s to the full 20MB/s.

See our packets optimization & speed results after using our accelerator:

The UNDP unfortunately has pulled it's mission out of it's office in Tripoli, relocating to Tunis due the unstable poitical situation, thus decommissioning our dedicated solution, which is why we are finally able to share this experience with the public and show you the unique know-how of